SilaneSeal 300

SilaneSeal 300

Water Repellent & Penetrating Sealer

SilaneSeal 300 is a clear, penetrating, breathable, and VOC-compliant surface treatment for use on concrete. Chemically engineered with isobutylalkoxy functional silanes, SilaneSeal 300 is rapid drying and offers superior performance on high quality mix designs typical of new bridge decks. SilaneSeal 300 acts by creating a deep hydrophobic layer in the concrete that prevents water and contaminants from entering the substrate and causing premature deterioration.


Excellent resistance to chloride ion ingress
100% moisture vapor transmission
Mitigation of AAR & ASR deterioration
Deep penetration into substrate
No change in surface appearance
No change in surface friction after application
High resistance to alkali attack
Long service life
Excellent performance on wearing surfaces
Dry time 1 hour at 70°F (21°C)
Will not inhibit adhesion of paints and line striping
LEED credits for both new and existing construction projects


For use on cast-in-place, precast, GFRC, and high-strength concrete
Protects the reinforcing steel from corrosion due to the effects of water, deicing salts, and other waterborne contaminants.
To alleviate the deterioration of concrete due to alkali-silica reactivity.
Bridge decks where fast drying is needed to minimize lane closures.
Heavy-traffic wearing surfaces
Areas that receive high salt concentrations (piers, coastal buildings), to provide a high-performance, longlasting chloride screen.


5.00 gallon pail
51.00 gallon drum
255.00 gallon tote


Submittal Package Download includes: Product Sheets and High-Res Product Photography.