SilaneSeal WB 10

SilaneSeal 40

Water Repellent & Penetrating Sealer

SilaneSeal 40 is a clear, penetrating, breathable water repellent for use on exterior above-grade concrete, brick masonry, concrete masonry units and some natural stones. SilaneSeal 40 will penetrate into the surface and will bond chemically to the substrate, resulting in permanent attachment of the water repellent molecule. SilaneSeal 40 is not a coating and as a result will not discolor or change the surface appearance in any way. By reducing the amount of water entering the substrate, SilaneSeal 40 will reduce the intrusion of waterborne contaminants such as deicing chemicals, salt, and dirt and will reduce the deteriorating effects of these contaminants, such as rebar corrosion, spalling, scaling, efflorescence, leaching and staining.


SilaneSeal 40 is an isobutyltrialkoxysilane in an alcohol carrier.
Deep penetration into the substrate
No window masking needed
Meets all Federal EPA VOC Laws
Ideal for concrete, masonry, & stone
High resistance to rain
Excellent resistance to chloride ion ingress
100% moisture vapor transmission
Reduced efflorescence
Resistant to alkali attack
No change in surface appearance
Long service life


Corrosion protection
Protects against wind-driven rain
Deicing salt protection
Scaling reduction
Parking decks
Brick Masonry
Airport runways
Concrete masonry units (CMU)
Some natural stones
Helps to prevent staining
Reduces the effects of mildew & efflorescence
Water repellency
Resists wheel & heavy loads


5.00 gallon pail
51.00 gallon drum
255.00 gallon tote


Submittal Package Download includes: Product Sheets and High-Res Product Photography.