SilaneSeal WB 10

SilaneSeal WB 10

Curing Aid & Penetrating Sealer

SilaneSeal WB 10 is a clear, penetrating, waterborne, vapor-permeable water repellent for use on concrete, brick, concrete masonry units, and some natural stone. SilaneSeal WB 10 is low-VOC silane and siloxane emulsion that is formulated to reduce the penetration of water and other contaminants by chemically bonding with siliceous materials within a substrate to form a permanent attachment to the water repellent molecule. This reaction can help to prevent common issues such as premature deterioration, efflorescence, leaching, acid rain deterioration, scaling, dirt buildup, staining, corrosion of reinforcing steel, and mildew. Surfaces treated with SilaneSeal WB 10 remain fully breathable because the natural vapor transmission is not affected. This reduces problems caused by entrapped moisture, such as blushing of the sealer and freeze-thaw damage to the masonry.


VOC Compliant throughout the United States
Ready to use
Easy Application
Reduced Efflorescence
Breathable System
Good Penetration into concrete
Surface appearance unaffected
LEED Credits
High resistance alkali attack
Long service life
Keeps substrates cleaner
Protects from wind-driven rain & deicing salts
Helps prevent sealer blushing


Terra Cotta
Hand molded bricks
Natural stones
Brick masonry


5.00 gallon pail
51.00 gallon drum
255.00 gallon tote


Marketing Materials Download includes: Product Sheets and High-Res Product Photography.